ICE OUT in Southern Ontario

Its that time of the year again folks.  Ice out is here in southern Ontario and many have already had the pleasure of enjoying some spring time outdoors adventures.

I can’t wait to get outside!

Cheers from the Wild



14-04-24 ice out!!!

One thought on “ICE OUT in Southern Ontario

  1. Albert, I stumbled across ur blog a few months back and have been following since. I have a group of guys, incl my dad, some uncles, and my best friend, who have been making an annual trip to ur neck of the woods for about the last 10yrs or more.. We have been fishing Loughborough exclusively, until last year when I veered off w / my yak in search of new water. My dad and I found Collins lake and I really fell in love with it. Only fished it 2 days though so I don’t feel at all like I have a good grasp of the water. Anyway, we will b coming up again in early June and my plan is to hit Collins again. Seems u know the lake better than most. So if u would b willing to share ANY pike knowledge with me I would be all ears!

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