Park Bus – Gateway to Ontario’s Parks from Toronto or Ottawa!

The minute I saw this site I was impressed.  I am sure there are many who are interested in experienceing what Ontario‘s parks have to offer, but lack the nessecary transportation to get there. Park bus tackles this problem head on providing direct transport at a reasonable price. For those of you who have never heard of parkbus (myself included until recently), they are an organization dedicated to the accessibility of Ontarios park system.  They operate bus routes that connect Toronto and Ottawa to four major parks: Algonquin, Kilarney, Bruce Penninsula and Bon Echo.

I encourage you to check it out and pass the link along!!/parkbus?group_id=0

park busparkbus

Algonquin Park Map

Algonquin Park is undoubtedly a core symbol of Canada and represents the biodiversity of Ontario.  It is majestic, mysterious, and for many, limited only to the campgrounds adjacent to Highway 60 which traverses the south arm of the park.  I was once a part of this group, albeit a happy member.  So when my first chance came to enjoy the interior of the park I was interested, but skeptical.  Turns out, interior campling is not all that hard as long as you do your research and little preparation.  I hope to discuss this topic at great length but for now, feel free to peruse the link below which contains a pretty sweet map of the park, its lakes, camp site, fishing oppourtunities and canoe routes.