More Pike – Sydenham Lake

Went out for another run at pike.  This time we decided to give Sydenham Lake a try.

The lake is divided into two sections,  a deep portion running east to west and a shallow portion located north of the deep portion separated by an old railway bridge.

Naturally as it is spring we crossed under the bridge and headed for the shallows.

Spinners and spoons did the trick with success in both trolling and casting.

We ended the day with a total of 12 pike and one out of season bass (which was promptly released).

The trip was not as good as Collins, but an afternoon with twelve fish is better than working or no fish at all!

DSC_0012 DSC_0019 DSC_0037 DSC_0039

World Fishing Network Contest

Its nice to see that I am not the only one who thinks Kingston Ontario is a mecca for freshwater fishing.

As I recently found out Kingston has been nominated as the Ultimate Fishing Town in the Ontario district within a contest organized by the World Fishing Network.

Although there are some other tough competing towns out there I think I will still be voting Kingston for the following reasons:

1) The bass fishing here is extraordinary with multiple bass masters tournaments being held here every year

2) Access to Lake Ontario and the thousand Islands,  these water bodies offer somne of the best musky and catfish fishing arund.  The current live release world record for musky hails from this area.—McNair.htm

3) Take a look at a map, Kingston, Ontario has such an abundance of fishing oppourtunities (thanks Canadian Sheild!) in comparison to neighbouring areas.


4) I am sure almost evry resident has some memory of fishing on a local lake while camping or at the family cottage.  All these memories within 5 to 60 mins of Kingston.

If you fall into any of these categories I urge you to vote for Kingston.  Oh, BTW the winning town gets $25,000 to promote fishing in the area.

Not to shabby!



First Canoe Outing of the Year

Weather conditions for the week were looking wet and windy so a friend and I decided we would take advantage of Monday’s good weather and take a little canoe trip on a local lake.  Secretly I had hoped we woudl find the schools of crappy know to inhabit the lake.

Following a short day at work we loaded up my firends recent;ly purchased canoe and headed to a nearby small lake.  Upon arrival we were shocked to see a significant amount of ice still remaining on the lake.

DSC_9301 DSC_9304

Regardless of the ice, we departed the launch amidsts the honks of geese and silent flutter of a pair of golden eyes.

DSC_9307 DSC_9308 DSC_9311 DSC_9312 DSC_9313

After prodding the ice a bit we focussed on the task at hand and tried to find a school paper mouths who were willing to cooperate with our fishing efforts.

We located a school of crappie at the end of the canoe ride however they didnt seem interested in the plethora of small jigs and rubbers we threw their way.  I attribute this mostly to the persistant cold temperatures of the lake water.

Maybe next time during warmer weather!



Lake Bathymetry

So much has changed since in the world of Fishing since the days of my youth.  Technology now provides us with hightech fishing equipment and electronics that do much of the hard work for us.  No exception to this is a handy little Iphone App provided by Navionics.

The app combines GPS capability with underlying basemaps illustrating the Bathymetry of many lakes in Ontario and the world for that matter.  Basically this allows you to target specific depths, structures while empowering you with Navigation capabilities that help with avoiding those skag eating shoals that are not always marked.  Added to that are features such as:

  • ability to set waypoints
  • built in speedometer
  • ability to track paths
  • community layers where you can upload or post specific information about a lake

I can’t even fathom the time this app has saved me and the increase in fishing productivity it has generated.  Give the Navionics app a dopwnload,  it will change the way you fish!

Below are some screen shots of waters near Kingston, Ontario.

loughborough  Kingston

Navionics Website:

Hiking Opportunities near Kingston, Ontario

Hiking oppoutunities in the Kingston, Ontario area as provided by the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve Community.


This resource impressed me when I stumbled upon it for the first time.  Although it does not include all the hiking oppourtunities in the area it does include some of the more well know and better maintained trails, parks and reserves.


UPDATE 2017-02-28 – The map is no longer available at the old link.  I have replaced the link with a list of trails instead.