Next Trips and Whats New

The fall is here in force and It has me frantically trying to plan as many outings as possible to take advantage before the snow flies.  Season seem so short here in Ontario and they seem to gt shorter as the years go by.

Although I may be absent from the blogosphere for a while, I promise it will be for good reason as I have the following trips in the queue:

-Collins Lake, Here for a warm up this week on the local pike and bass population.  The hope is to also investigate myths of the Phantom musky in the lake as well.

-Verona Ontario for some fast action Canada Geese and Ducks (end of September)

-Lake Nippissing for some giant Musky and Pike and maybe a few walleye to boot (First Week in October)

-Bethany Ontario – Deer season kicks off the first week of November and I plan to be in a stand bright an early on the first day.

-French River – A group of friends and I plan to tackle this river in canoes next spring in search of some giant French River Pike and Walleye.

I hope to soon add diving information for Ontario as well as some videos of wrecks around the local Kingston Area.

As readers, what are your favourite fall trips and is there any specific topic you would like me to cover?  I look forward to comments and feedback so don’t be shy!

Cheers from the Wild my Desk!


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