Antler Mount – A Lasting Tribute

Im not much of a trophy hunter.  In fact my biggest motivation for opening up my gun safe each year is culinary.  However, to complete the cycle and to honour my first deer I felt compelled to mount the horns.  This process has been taking me a while to complete, and still isn’t finished.  But, with the help of my father in law and his vast array of tools I am one step closer to a finished product.

DSC_0180 (2) Its important to remember the milestones in your life, and harvesting my first deer was definitely an important one for me.

Cheers from the work bench


The Passion of Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is a very personal and serious endeavour.  We all react differently to the feelings this primal pursuit brings.  Asks any hunter who is willing to break the silence of this very personal passion to describe what hunting is.  They will provide you with their own personal insight on the topic, and, dare I say a reflection of who they are at their core.

Many try to distill the ethereal experience of hunting into words, media, or an easy way to convey it to those who have never experienced it. or perhaps just a way to preserve the feeling for future reflection.  Many try, most fail.  So when someone comes along who is able to elegantly and accurately provide a glimpse at the profound experience that is hunting, I take notice.

Dare I say that the folks at Rockhouse Motion have put together a video that both inspires and touches the hearts of both hunters and non-hunters alike.

I must say, I have never seen the topic of hunting portayed so well in such perfect cultural, emotional and spiritual context.

Good Job Guys!

Now take a gander for yourself and enjoy!