Accessible Bathymetry for Ontario Lakes

I am a firm believer in knowing as much about a lake as possible before heading out on the water. In my experience, doing my homework has changed the out come of many a days fishing; turning it from a likely bad or mediocre day to a raging success. Although it takes work to understand the waters you are fishing, the benefits are enormous. Correction, it used to take a lot of work… Now thanks to Navionics and National Prostaff, the hard part is done for you.

Historically, access to lake info would only come from experience, paper maps, or expensive GPS units with map chips. Then came the navionics app for mobile devices. As awesome as the mobile app was, it cost a bit of $ to own. Now Navionics and National Prostaff haved moved this data to a free online data delivery system. Although not so portable, the website can expedite the research process for finding new water or even help to enhance your understanding of your favourite “go to” lake. Although it doesn’t contain all the data the chip has, it covers most medium to large sized lakes with sufficient precision to make a big difference in the way you approach a lake.

So give it a gander and see if you learn a thing or two about the lakes you love.

Cheers from the Wild

Here is a screen shot from the website: