Lyme Disease Update – Private Memebrs Bill

As a hunter, Lyme disease is a very scary possibility each time I venture into the woods.  But as much as it is a scary possibility for me, it is a debilitating reality for a growing many Canadians and American alike.

Unfortunately, this disease often takes second stage to many of the more prominent diseases, however, for the afflicted, it is no less damaging, and no less destructive.  Sadly, the reality is this disease is often miss-diagnosed and treatment must often be sought out side of the country.

So when I heard that action was being taken to provide solutions, on a federal level in the form of a private members bill, I was ecstatic.

Currently in its second reading and heading for a third, Bill C-442 hopes to convene a Canada wide conference to develop a national strategy on preventing and dealing with Lyme disease.

For those of you not familiar with this Bill I have attached links to media coverage of the bill (link 1) and to a summary of the bill itself (link 2)

Here’s hoping we are one step closer to solving the endemic that is Lyme disease in Canada.

Cheers from the Wild