Wild Boars Near Caldeon

Wild Boars sightings are continue to occur in Ontario.  This time two were sighted near Caledon.  Details are provided via the link below.


Sadly these beasts are extremely destructive and have been known to cause extensive property damage.  I worry a great deal how this invasive species will effect our local ecosystems.

But I’m more of a glass half full kind of guy.  So on the plus side, its possible my dream of wild bacon is closer than I thought!


From my desk,


3 thoughts on “Wild Boars Near Caldeon

  1. Why these allochthonous species are introduced in your country? For hunting? In my region they are autochthonous but they are growth in exponential number, so to control the population there are selective hunting campaigns. Recently during an hike I’ve seen my first wolf droppings, perhaps also natural antagonist are back! Ciao !

  2. Not wishing to sound like a “glass half empty” kind of guy, nor am I a hunter, but the spread of these things need be halted immediately. Those things can multiply at an alarming rate. And not just the ecosystem is threatened here. Wild boars are quite vicious and aggressive. Albert … Gitchergun, and prevent a disaster (and have a fine feed while you’re at it).

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