Wild Boars in Ontario

Ask any farmer or landowner from the southern United States and they will tell you feral pigs, otherwise know as the Eurasian Wild Pig are one of the biggest nuisances they face.  With populations at unprecedented levels and their presence being felt in 39 states (or more), these beasts terrorize farmers and landowners by destroying crops and rooting up land.  Simple put they are the definition of invasive.

So why discuss them on a blog centred around Southern Ontario?

It seems we too may soon have to deal with these invasive pests according to recent memorandum released by the Ministry of Natural Resources.  Apparently feral pigs have been spotted in the united counties of Prescott and Russell which are located east of Ottawa between Ottawa and Hawkesbury.  According to the memorandum, the MNR have authorized farmers and hunters to kill feral pigs under the authority of a small game licence (See a copy of the memorandum below).

All pertinent hunting rules and regulations regarding safety still remain in effect while hunting these animals and all kills or sighting should be reported to the ministry of natural resources at 1-800-667-1940. Those interested in more information on Wild boars in Ontario are also encouraged to contact the MNR.  In addition, “Wildboars in Canada” is a website dedicated to tracking sightings and encounters across the province.


Invasive species can be a problem for any ecosystem and those found in Ontario are no exception.  Do your part and report any sightings of feral pigs, or any other invasive species for that matter, to the MNR.





P.S (If you see one, don’t be afraid to leave a comment below or send an email.  I make a mean smoked bacon and I have no problems travelling!)



8 thoughts on “Wild Boars in Ontario

  1. Hello, I saw a wild boar yesterday, May 19, 2016 at 930 am in Haliburton County near Trapper’s Trail Road! It was very unexpected and quite unnerving! Unfortunately I was driving and unable to get a picture!

  2. We saw two wild boars today (September 18, 2016) at hwy 118 and Small Road. (Black Lake/Loon Lake area. Followed us a bit on our walk

    • Hi Carl,
      Thanks for sharing your sighting.
      Out of curiosity, how close did you get to them? Also, Id suggest you call the MNR’s invasive species hotline 1-800-563-7711. Its their job to keep tabs on these things and providing them with information can only help the situation.

  3. My father inlaw raised wild boar on a property near Alliston Ontario. These are large dangerous animals that are extremely aggressive. They are also escape artists. The tolerate our winters better then most of our local critters.

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