Canadian Canoe Routes

I am not sure why I haven’t posted a link to Canadian Canoe Routes before.  It has been such a vital component to all the trips I have planned that I am ashamed I haven’t promoted it sooner.  I know, the hardcore paddlers out there already know that this is the definitive resource for finding a canoe route Canada.  But for those beginners who are planning their first portaging/ canoeing trip, or for those finding it difficult to find the right trip for them, this post is for you.

So, Canada Canoe routes. What is it?

Canadian Canoe Routes is a website dedicated to documenting canoe routes across the Canadian wilderness (as well as some in the US).  It provides users with a database of canoe routes that can be searched by a variety of criteria which allows for very specific search criteria input.  Only interested in loops? no problem, CCR has your back.  Only want something under with a length of 50km or less? Easy, CCR lets you choose the length of trip your interested in.

So what info does it provide.  In a nut shell, everything you need to know to plan a trip.  it includes details on distance, directions, possible camp sites, maps (in some cases links to where to buy maps), warnings, trip reports, and helpful hints from past adventurers who have done the trip.  Each route is assigned a difficulty level and an estimated time required to complete.

The site includes additional resources such as a forum, tips on cooking and food preparation, gear reviews, safety tips and pretty much anything you would need to plan and execute a trip.

This has to be the most comprehensive conglomerate of information on the topic of canoeing in Canada and in my opinion a must for your web browsers favourite list.

Cheers from my desk


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