Antler Mount – A Lasting Tribute

Im not much of a trophy hunter.  In fact my biggest motivation for opening up my gun safe each year is culinary.  However, to complete the cycle and to honour my first deer I felt compelled to mount the horns.  This process has been taking me a while to complete, and still isn’t finished.  But, with the help of my father in law and his vast array of tools I am one step closer to a finished product.

DSC_0180 (2) Its important to remember the milestones in your life, and harvesting my first deer was definitely an important one for me.

Cheers from the work bench


2 thoughts on “Antler Mount – A Lasting Tribute

  1. There is a lot of pressure in some circles to avoid being labeled a trophy hunter….it’s ok to both hunt for food and appreciate the beauty of the animal. Your first deer is always a trophy and something is wrong with not enjoying the beauty in the animals we chase.

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