Canada Day Celebrations

Today is July 1st, which means its Canada Day! It was a perfect day to spend with family and to think on all the wonderful things we as Canadians enjoy.  Family, friends and fishing are at the top of my list so we decided to combine the three.

To start we travelled to friends cottage situated on Eagle Lake, near Parham Ontario.  With the intent to spend a leisurely day on the water we made the hour drive and arrived ready to relax.  I\m always amazed at how many scenic places there are to visit, and conveniently located within an hours drive!

After exchanging some warm greetings with my friend, we gathered our gear and walked on down to the waters edge for a bit of shore fishing.  Ever curious, my young daughter decided to join me for a fish.


I caught some decent Largemouth Bass….


She caught some …. goldfish? weird, I didn’t know they were in Eagle Lake.


Regardless of the species, Im excited to finally get out fishing with my little one.  Here’s hoping she enjoys the sport as much as Dada.

Afterwards we travelled back to Kingston to celebrate Canada by watching the annual fireworks display from atop Fort Henry Hill.




Thank you Canada for being such a great place to live for an outdoors nut like myself!

Cheers from the Wild


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