Delicious Wild Game

Spring is here in a big way which means the spring foraging season will soon be in our midsts. Soon the forest will begin to green and the early rising leaks with again dot the hill sides.
I for one, am on the edge of my seat awaiting this time of plenty. But, were still a few weeks away from any real foraging prospects. So until then I’ll just have to satisfy my wild cravings with some venison meat pies from last deer season. Tough break eh?

Remember, ontario is blessed with an abundance of wild edibles.
Don’t miss out on the bounty this year! Get outside!

Cheers from the wild

4 thoughts on “Delicious Wild Game

  1. I’m planning to get out after morel mushrooms myself. My home area, they grew the second week of April. Here, I’m not so sure. We’re a separate USDA ag zone, and the last frost date here is about two and a half (ish) weeks later. I’m thinking after my turkey tags are up in late April I’ll start checking.

      • A good rule to use is to look under dead elm trees. But my dad used to take me when I was little, and there were plenty of times we’d find them in completely random thickets. If I remember right, they began to grow when the nights began to warm up just a bit, and the days were still in the 50s (Fahrenheit, obviously), but before the last frost. Some good rain helps, too. They grow on south facing slopes first (such as they were in Illinois). This year will be my first time in, oh, ten years easy, and my first time going alone. I barely begin to know where to look.

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