(above: a pic of the author holding his favourite shotgun and a freshly harvested grouse)

Southern Ontario, and Ontario in general is blessed with some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world.

Be it the rough character of the shield, the eloquence of Algonquin Park’s meandering trout streams, the majesty of the great lakes or the complex diversity of our vast wetlands.  Ontario is a truly unique land.  With such a vast, diverse expanse of wilderness at our doorsteps, a person could never run out of rivers to paddle, fish to catch or game to hunt.  It is a hidden gem that can provide a wonderfully rich experience for those willing to take the time to stop look and listen.  Despite this uniqueness and expanse of natural beauty, Southern Ontario is still under publicized and under appreciated.

I have spent the better part of my life living in and exploring Ontario, specifically the Kingston Area.  Thirty minutes or less in any direction from Kingston and you will find yourself staring at the mystery and tranquility of a back lake or catching a glimpse of a skittish deer bounding across a field.  Its scenes like these that I have had the luck to witness time and time again, and it is these experiences I aim to share with anyone who will listen.

So take a gander at my posts, leave a comment if your so inclined, and enjoy my take on the precious gem that is Ontario.

Hopefully, they may inspire you to get up, turn off the computer, ditch the cell phone, pick up a rod or a paddle and get outside.

Cheers from the Wild


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Albert,
    I’m tech admin for 2oldguyswalking. Muchly appreciate your “follow”. Though 2oldguyswalking are neither anglers nor hunters, I like your journalistic style and share your love of our Ontario.


    • Hi Bushwacker, Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! I can definitely appreciate that multitude of activities available for any outdoor enthusiast in Ontario and I definitely share you obvious love of hiking and walking trails. Keep up the good work on http://www.2.oldguyswalking.wordpress.com and perhaps we will cross trails at some point in the future.

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